Sand Balls Falling

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4.3 (20 Reviews)
This immersive and enchanting game will give you a relaxing and satisfying feel!

You are going to Love it.

As the Sand Balls fall towards the container if you show the right way to flow by removing the blockage. The difficulty level increases with with the Levels grow but you will enjoy it.

Be aware that there will be some traps to make you play the level again with improved caution. Sometimes the balls may be pulled away by ball magnets.

Complete each level and get rewarded with Points for that. With the collected Points, You will be able to buy new Ball Shapes.

You will Enjoy the game as the graphics of Balls, Containers, Backgrounds, and Obstacles are designed to be pleasant and make you be here whenever you are free to play games!

Let's play this fantastic game.

• There is No time limit to complete a Gameplay.
• Choose the Right path for the sand Balls to flow.
• Score more Points by bringing more Balls to the container.
• Avoid obstacles to continue growing to the NEXT level.
• Avoid Ball magnets to secure your Balls.
• Choose new shapes of Balls by Collected Points.



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