Giant Run Color Run Crowd Switch

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4.3 (29 Reviews)
Giant Rush is an action-packed hyper casual fight game with giants and monsters—deadly arena and monster duels. Jump on board, run through the obstacle track, merge blobs, grow stronger, and battle against giant monsters in fight games offline!

Sword fights with the giant monster, dodge the incoming attacks and take down the enemy in brawl games. Choose your strategy and lead your stickman hero to victory in the epic battle! Build a strong blob runner warrior and crush your enemy in fight games offline.

An epic survival race! Collect and upgrade your blob hero, overcome all the obstacles and win the epic battle with the Giant King. Lead your stickman hero, and collect and merge blobs to get stronger in medieval combat games. Get a more prominent and powerful warrior to clash against the giant king in brawl-fighting games.

Run through dangerous zones, merge blob hero to get stronger, and reach the finish line! Brawl against the giant boss at the end of the run race to WIN the sword fight games. The huge boss throws hard punches, dodge incoming attacks, and fights back in brawl games.

Gain experience as you face dangerous giant monsters in brawl games. Indulge in monster duels, and face off giants in epic battle games. Go on castle raid, collect blobs and get bigger to brawl against giant monsters in sword fight games. Dodge the incoming attacks, swipe to hit back harder and destroy the boss in monster battle games.

Guide your blob runner on a dangerous track, your decisions will make the difference between victory and defeat!



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